Black Card Revoked

Cards For All People makes fun, nostalgia-filled card games that test knowledge of cultural milestones and moments. Our games aim to bring people of all types together through laughter and friendly debate.

Rhyme Antics

Rhyme Antics is a “Hilarious Rhyming Vocabulary Game” inspired by Hip Hop, for ages 12 & up!  Think “Catch Phrase” meets Karaoke, while you freestyle inproper English.

Say it Loud!

Cards For All People makes fun, nostalgia-filled card games that test knowledge of cultural milestones and moments. Our games aim to bring people of all types together through laughter and friendly debate.

Election Day: The Game

Like any campaign, our game is 1 part chance and 2 parts strategy. But unlike most real life campaigns, our game is 100 percent fun! Build your campaign by getting on the ballot and moving up in the polls. First one to make it to the victory circle wins the race! Ages 10 & up


Become an Egyptian by resurrecting the ancient art of story telling through TASU the imaginative storytelling card game. TASU a family and friends game consisting of 1 Deck of 54 playing cards. Each card has a picture and a number on it. You will use the numbers to decide who will tell their story next in this fun game that brings out the imagination of  all.

Hip-Hop Charades

Outguess your opponents in the most hip hop lingo to win! Help your team guess Bye Felicia or you ain’t About That Life but maybe you can Save Face by winning cool points for answering the hip hop trivia. Use gestures & say clues, but be careful not to mention violation words ​or your opponent will deduct points and clap the hand clapper!

Life As A Black Man

Welcome to Life As A Black Man the Game™ You are an 18-year-old African American entering society. You must travail the treacherous Districts of Hollywood, The University, Military, Neighborhood, Corporate America, and PRISON as a BLACKMAN and reach FREEDOM first!

Shots No Chaser

Under The Influence is Drinking, Debauchery and Drama. All packaged into a party game! You might have to confess your deepest darkest secret or take a body shot off a random stranger. The possibilities are endless!

WITS: What Is The Sentence

WITS challenges players to create a bonafide sentence from the letter cards while playing against time, action cards, and the judgement of other players. Players must also protect their sentences and points from being stolen by their opponents. WITS is an exciting and entertaining board game that promotes family fun & developing critical learning objectives


MemeTality merges strategy with the craze of Memes to produce the most fun and offensive board game ever created. How will you fair in your quest to be crowned King or Queen Meme?!

MagnoBrain Games

Magnobrain games are designed using brain-based research to ignite learning and student engagement in and out of the classroom. When we understand the neuroscience of words and how they change brain chemistry and structure, we can better choose words that empower us for success.

The House Party Game

House Party: ’90s Edition. We dusted off our VHS and cassette tapes and pulled our DVDs from the shelves to curate the ultimate trivia game celebrating the golden era in entertainment. Round up your friends, cue the playlist and get the party started!

Pull Your Card

Hip Hop Edition is a multiplayer trivia card game with two multiple choice questions per card. Each deck includes Game Changer cards to be used strategically throughout the game. Questions range widely from the start of hip hop to the present.

University of Dope

University of Dope™ is the FIRST card game dedicated to Hip Hop culture. Created by Vance Hall, LLC which was found by two dope women, A.V. Perkins and Marian Andoh. Unpopular Opinions Welcome!

Flip & Finds Diner

A Light family game with a classic memory game mechanic that puts you in a diner kitchen during lunch rush.

Last 2 Standing


For People That Can’t Get Enough Of The Funny, Sexy, And Revealing Truths. So grab some friends, or strangers, and put yourself in a stimulating, hilarious, and revealing game of Last 2 Standing.

Risky Arcade

In Risky Arcade, players are collecting tickets from arcade games on the board and racing against other players to redeem their tickets at the gift shop. In this 2-4 player, dice-rolling risk taking game, players are awarded for their luck and good behaviors.


SUCCESS is a family game for two to eight players. .  Our board game allows players to fantasize about the different combinations of success that they’ve always dreamed about.



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