Video Game:

Dynasty Of The Magi: Rights of Passage

What if your favorite online roleplaying game were seamlessly tied to a fantasy book series at its inception and by playing in the world, you joined an epic plot and mysterious storyline that impacts and updates the game for years to come?

Video Game:

Super Ubie Island: Remix

Inspired by Super Mario World, Super Ubie Island REMIX is an adorable platformer. Help Ubie defeat Dr. Terrestrial, discover secrets, repair his ship and escape Climate Island. Run, jump and glide your way through more than 25 insanely fun levels!

Video Game

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

The story follows Enzo Kori-Odan, a prince of Zama. Moments before his coronation as King as well as marrying Erine Evou of Soma he is ambushed, overthrown and exiled from his palace in a coup led by his embittered brother. In order to regain his throne, the two embark on a quest seeking help from other countries and meet new cultures, to form an alliance to defeat Erine’s brother.

Video Game: Coming Soon

Black Salt

This two player fighter game brings the Black Salt Movie to the gaming world. Details coming soon!

Mobile Apps:

Colors on Circles

One of the most challenging games on the market. With very simple controls and rules to match. Can you multi-task and remember simple actions for specific color all at the same time? Put your mind and reflexes to the test! Let find out in Colors on Circles, your score will show us all!

Video Game:

Hair Nah

A new travel game about a black woman tired of people touching her hair. Get to your destination safely without letting any of those hands touch your hair. Available for play online at
Mobile Apps


Jesse Williams and his crew did it again! Presenting BLeBRiTY: This charades inspired gem boasts over 30 hilarious creative categories that are guaranteed to turn any gathering into an epic explosion of comedy and culture! Play with friends, family and your favorite cousins over the holidays, or when you’re waiting in line or a lobby.
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Chef Curry

Ever wanted to run a restaurant with basketball star Stephen Curry and his wife, Chef Ayesha?
Well now you can! Welcome to the exciting world of Chef Curry!

Help Ayesha and Stephen race around the kitchen to prepare and serve meals for the hungry customers Accommodate different personalities and cater to their needs!


Mobile App:

Credit Stacker

Teach your kids important financial literacy skills or learn to fix your credit score and other helpful financial tools in this popular mobile app game!
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Tip Off

Tip Off is the game of ‘blacklisted’ words. As a player, TIP your team OFF to the key word, but watch out for HATERS that want you to say the wrong words. Download it today!
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Black Like Me

Check out Black Like Me a color game by game designer Lindsay Grace at Mindtoggle Studios available in the Google Play Store. Mindtoggle makes games for iOS and Android devices. This site contains information about the company and it’s products. Please visit the games section to learn more about the products or about the company.
Mobile App:

Sasha Says

Perform common gestures on your phone or tablet (i.e. swipe, tap, pinch) to reach a new high score. Toddlers, seniors, and everyone in-between can enjoy the experience! Sasha Says that gestures are the universal language of the cosmos. She works very hard at her craft and is currently seeking to become Gesture Entertainer of the Year. Would you vote for Sasha?
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Gold Ambush

 The all-new Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart is available NOW in the App Store! (Android coming SOON!) Kevin and his family star in this action-packed adventure of mazes, traps, running and city building. Test your skills in this mix of City Builder and Temple Run starring Kevin Hart! Protect your Kingdom at ALL cost. Download NOW in the App Store and #GETTHATGOLD!

Mobile App:

Rhythym Aura

 Rhythm Aura follows the story of our Monk friend who embarks on a journey to find the perfect meditation spot (and maybe a girlfriend in the process)!
Tap to the Rhythm to ward off enemies in three lively mini-games, and help the Monk on his quest!
Please enjoy and have fun!